Flywheel Ranch - Revised Listing

Flywheel Ranch - Revised Listing

Famed Galisteo Basin

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • PRICE REDUCED to $10,630,000 - Originally Offered at $13,500,000
  • Aproximately 6,604 Total Acres
  • 25 Minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza

Situated along the northern rim of New Mexico’s famed Galisteo Basin, Flywheel Ranch is a landscape of forested hills, sandstone escarpments and lush savannah grasslands.  Encompassing approximately 5,324 deeded acres, Flywheel Ranch is among the largest ranch offerings available in today’s active northern New Mexico real estate market. 

In addition to its substantial deeded acreage, an adjoining 1,280 acres, owned by the New Mexico State Land Office, is available for recreational and agricultural use at a nominal lease rate.  In aggregate, Flywheel Ranch’s deeded and lease-property interests encompass 6,604 total acres. 

Approximately 1,361 acres of Flywheel Ranch are overlaid with a conservation easement. Within the easement area, two premier building envelopes are available for development of an architecturally-distinguished family compound that includes a ranch headquarters, guest houses and agricultural/equestrian facilities.  The balance of the deeded acreage is unencumbered providing a variety of options for a new owner.

Flywheel Ranch adjoins Galisteo Basin Preserve – a nationally-acclaimed 6,000-acre master-planned conservation initiative. The Preserve has been developed as a regional open-space and recreation area; one that includes more than 28 miles of equestrian, hiking and mountain-biking trails that are accessible from Flywheel Ranch.

Flywheel Ranch and Galisteo Basin Preserve are surrounded by a network of public lands ensuring the permanent protection of wildlife corridors, cultural resources and scenic vistas.  In total, the conservation properties that surround Flywheel Ranch total more than 11,000 acres.  The protected views, dark skies and wild lands of the Galisteo Basin are further supported by large, conservation-oriented private holdings that extend, uninterrupted, in all directions from Flywheel Ranch.

The Galisteo Basin is a watershed that encompasses more than 350,000 acres.  It is regarded by wildlife biologists as among the most ecologically-significant regions within a thousand-mile “Spine of the Continent” wild-land corridor that extends from the Sierra Madre in Mexico to the Canadian Rockies.  Its diverse vegetation, interconnected public lands, privately managed preserves and riparian corridors offer hundreds of species of birds, mammals and other migratory species a vast range for nesting, feeding and migration. The Galisteo Basin is a place of unique habitat convergence: a place where five ecosystems converge.

This vast, environmentally-significant region of northern New Mexico offers privacy and security, without isolation.  Located 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza, Flywheel Ranch is an offering tailored to a discriminating buyer – one who celebrates the unique aesthetic, environmental and cultural values of the American Southwest.  It is also a place for people who seek access and relationship with a diverse community – one long distinguished for its extensive cultural, entertainment, restaurants, transportation and communication resources. 

Offered for sale at under $2,000 per deeded acre, this is possibly the best land value in the region.  Co-listed with Keller Williams Santa Fe.



Flywheel Ranch is located 15 miles south of the historic Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and approximately three miles northwest of the historic village of Galisteo in central Santa Fe County.  Camino Los Abuelos – a paved scenic byway that links historic villages within the larger Basin – provides improved access to the Ranch.

A range of support services and amenities are easily accessible from Flywheel Ranch.  A small village market and gas station are located approximately 7 miles northwest from the ranch entrance.  A moderate-scale shopping center is situated approximately 15 minutes away in a community known as El Dorado.  A vast array of internationally-celebrated restaurants, recreation and entertainment venues, shopping districts and services is available in Santa Fe.

Flywheel Ranch draws inspiration and context from its close proximity to the Village of Galisteo.  Located at the heart of the Galisteo Basin, the Village of Galisteo is a historic community with roots that extend more than 800 years.  Developed within and around the remnants of the Galisteo Pueblo, the Spanish community of Galisteo was founded as a ranching and military outpost in the mid-1600s.  The legacy of ranching and farming is still in strong evidence.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – the oldest capital city in North America – is a world-class destination for art, architecture, history, and culinary experiences, as well as for music, film and opera.  Over the past thirty years, Santa Fe has ranked among the top ten travel destinations in North America; in some years, it has been among the highest rated destinations in the world.    It is a community renowned for its spirit of engagement, innovation, creativity and inclusiveness.  In addition to its thriving tourist economy, Santa Fe is an active center of government, as well as a hub for nonprofit, research and technical employment.

The Santa Fe Public School District offers children a wide range of educational opportunities.  The district includes 31 schools that serve 14,473 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade with a student teacher ratio of 14.6 to 1.  The district supports three high schools, three high school/middle schools, three middle schools and 21 elementary schools.  The El Dorado Community School, located ten miles from Flywheel Ranch, supports children in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Complementing the public-school resources, Santa Fe supports an increasingly diverse and well-regarded array of private and charter schools.  The Rio Grande School, Santa Fe Preparatory School, a state magnet school for the fine arts, among other institutions place students in the finest colleges and universities in the country.  St. John’s College, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and an expansive community college provide excellent post-secondary educational support to the community.

Air service is available at Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SFA), a small airport offering commercial flights through United Airlines with non-stop jet service from Denver, CO.  American Airlines offers direct flights from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and Los Angeles, CA.  Santa Fe Air Center is a full-service fixed-based operator (FBO) providing fuel, maintenance, transient parking and hangaring.  The airport is a 20-minute drive from Flywheel Ranch.  For additional information, the FBO can be reached at 505-471-2525.

Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) is an hour drive from the Ranch.  ABQ is served by seven major airlines with connections to approximately 20 non-stop destinations across the nation.  Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier at the Sunport. It offers nonstop service to Baltimore-Washington, Chicago (Midway), IL, Dallas Love Field, TX, Denver, CO, Houston (Hobby), TX, Kansas City, MO, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, Orlando, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, San Diego, CA and Seattle, WA.

Approximate distances from Flywheel Ranch to notable towns and cities:

Santa Fe, NM
Taos, NM                                    
Albuquerque, NM                        
Telluride, CO                             
Colorado Springs, CO                
Midland/Odessa, TX                  
15 miles
62 miles
70 miles
186 miles
329 miles
338 miles


At its southern boundary, Flywheel Ranch lies at an elevation of approximately 6,130 feet above sea level.  The Ranch rises to an elevation of more than 6,550 feet on its northeastern boundary.

Historically, average summer temperatures range from 53° to 88° Fahrenheit.  Average winter temperatures range from 17° to 49°.  The last freeze of the spring usually occurs by May 1st.  Annual rainfall is about 14 inches. July and August often witness the highest levels of precipitation during the “monsoon” season.  The Galisteo Basin typically receives 22 inches of snow a year. This semi-arid high-desert climate offers more than 280 days of brilliant sunshine.  Average afternoon humidity in the summer months is normally less than 20 percent.


The Ranch’s agriculturally exempt property-tax status affords a minimal tax burden.  In 2015, taxes on the real estate and improvements totaled less than $3,800. 


Electricity and telephone infrastructure are located near the property boundary.  Cellular coverage is generally strong and consistent across most of the Ranch. 


The Seller will convey 100% of the mineral, oil, gas, geo-thermal, hydro-carbon and gravel rights that it actually owns, subject to reservations by previous owners.  The Seller makes no representation as to the quantity or quality of any mineral or other subsurface rights appurtenant to the Ranch.


Approximately 1,361 deeded acres of Flywheel Ranch have been overlaid with conservation easements held by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust.  The easements affect a 283-acre parcel located in Section 10, Range 10 North, and Township16 East along the eastern border of the property, as well as a 1,078-acre assemblage located on the southwestern corner of the Ranch.  An 11-acre building envelope has been retained as a “permitted use” on the 1,078-acre easement property.  The terms of the easement allow for the development of a main residence, guest homes, ranch facilities and associated outbuildings.   Neither easement has restrictions on agricultural or recreational activities, nor do they require public access.

Except for 1,361 acres, the deeded property associated with Flywheel Ranch is not encumbered with deed restrictions or conservation easements.  For a conservation-oriented buyer, the balance of the 5,324-acre property could be voluntarily overlaid with one or more conservation easements.  Such restrictions portend a powerful opportunity for a property owner with significant tax obligations to offset a large portion of the purchase price through a combination of tax savings and state tax credits.

In New Mexico, policy makers have advanced land-protection initiatives that provide transferable tax credits to donors of conservation easements.  These easement donations present an opportunity for buyers/investors to earn a $250,000 tax credit certificate against their New Mexico income tax obligations.  Non-resident tax payers are eligible to sell their certificate(s) to resident taxpayers – typically at a discount of eleven percent of the certificate’s value.


Northern New Mexico is witness to four distinct and beautiful seasons.  From nearby river valleys to 13,000-foot mountain peaks, the region offers unparalleled opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, water sports and snow sports.

On the eastern boundary of Flywheel Ranch, Commonweal Conservancy has been advancing a landscape-scale conservation initiative known as the Galisteo Basin Preserve.  The project is designed to permanently protect more than 6,000 acres of wildlife habitat, cultural resources, and open space.  The Preserve currently supports a 28-mile privately-managed, publicly-accessible trail network that is open to hikers, bikers and equestrians.  In coming years, Commonweal expects to expand the trail network to include more than 100 miles of trails and tens of thousands of acres across Santa Fe County. 

Located approximately 38 miles from Flywheel Ranch, Ski Santa Fe is nestled high in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains. With a base-area elevation of 10,350 feet and the summit at 12,075 feet, Ski Santa Fe is among the highest ski areas in the continental United States.  Seven chair lifts access 77 trails covering 660 acres of skiable terrain.  Skiers and snowboarders can find good challenge and enjoyment on steep bump runs, powder-filled chutes, beautiful glades, as well as on novice and intermediate open groomed runs.

If golf is your passion, more than half a dozen courses are located within an hour’s drive of the Ranch.  Public, semi-private and private courses range from nine to thirty-six holes. The Club at Las Campanas, a private club located in the desert hills northwest of Santa Fe, offers two “Jack Nicklaus Signature” golf courses, as well as a fitness center, tennis courts and a popular equestrian facility.


The Galisteo Basin has a rich cultural history dating back to 12,000 B.C.  According to archaeological records, between 12,000 B.C and 3000 B.C., small groups of Paleo Indians inhabited the area surviving on wild plants, mule deer and antelope.  By 1500 B.C., foraging was supplemented by rudimentary farming practices as Paleo Indians began to establish seasonal camps. 

Although people moved through and lived in the Galisteo Basin for more than thirteen-thousand years, it remained sparsely populated until about the 12th century.  Before that time, the basin was a trade route for turquoise, malachite, and lead. 

Between 1100 and 1300 A.D., a severe drought forced the Anasazi people to migrate south, with many establishing pueblos in the Galisteo Basin.  It is estimated that by 1400 A.D., the San Cristobal Pueblo, the most well-known of the basin’s pueblos, was home to 500 to 1,000 people.  Nearby, the Pueblo Largo, Pueblo Colorado, Pueblo Shè, and Colina Verde ranged in size from several-room blocks to structures with over 1,500 ground-floor rooms, kivas, shrines and watchtowers.  At its peak, archaeologists believe the region supported as many as 15,000 people.

The Southern Tewa, the primary inhabitants of the basin after 1300 A.D, faced colossal challenges from the Apache and Navajo tribes as well as from conquistadors that journeyed north from Mexico in search of gold and other treasures.  The Spanish began to settle the area, introducing longhorn cattle as well as new crops such as watermelon, wheat, chilies and melons.  Although a revolt in 1680 forced the Spanish out of Santa Fe temporarily, by 1692 they returned – driving the Tewa out of the Galisteo Basin. 

In 1816, the Village of Galisteo was founded and 19 families settled there.  By the 1820s, a growing supply of goods and materials flowed into New Mexico after trade restrictions were lifted, and the Santa Fe Trail was formally established.  Around this time, gold was discovered in the Ortiz Mountains. 

In February 1880, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad was developed and the Village of Lamy was established in the eastern Galisteo Basin. As a passenger terminal for Santa Fe and the surrounding area, the Lamy Junction became an important way station – providing locomotive storage and railroad-employee housing.  After suffering a decline in the 1930s, Lamy has continued to support a small community of artisans, laborers, and retirees.  Today, it has a population of approximately 150 residents.  Among other attributes, it is a stop on the Amtrak line from Chicago to Los Angeles.

By the 1880s, the mining towns of Cerrillos and Madrid were booming.  Concurrently, sheep and cattle were beginning to impose a significant burden on the basin’s grasslands.  By the turn of the last century, open grazing evolved into an ownership pattern of fenced properties; a pattern of land use and ownership that typifies the basin today.


Flywheel Ranch affords the next owner a unique opportunity to forge a legacy of land stewardship and design innovation in one of the most iconic landscapes and cultural geographies of the American West.  Thoughtfully planned and executed, Flywheel Ranch portends a new model of regenerative recreational- and agricultural-land use in the American West.

Long a candidate for conservation easement protection, Flywheel Ranch offers a stewardship-oriented buyer the chance to permanently protect the extraordinary archaeological, wildlife and scenic resources of the area, while enjoying significant tax advantages from the easement’s voluntary donation.  The voluntary donation of a perpetual conservation easement could generate substantial tax savings and income from tax credits, while still allowing an owner to retain most of the traditional land uses and property ownership rights. 

Offered for sale at $10,630,000 – under $2,000 per deeded acre, the Ranch is very competitively priced compared to recent sales and other offerings in the region.  Unlike other ranch properties in the West that are burdened with antiquated and unusable structures and improvements, Flywheel Ranch is an open canvas for an owner to design and develop in a manner that meets his or her unique needs and ambitions.  Located 25 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, Flywheel Ranch is a refuge of unparalleled beauty and ecological integrity.


Flywheel Ranch, a New Mexico ranch for sale, as previously described herein, originally offered at US $13,500,000, has been reduced in price and is now being offered at $10,630,000 Cash.  The conditions of sale as of October 2016 are as follows:

  1. All offers to purchase or letters of intent must be in writing and accompanied by an earnest money deposit in the amount of 5.00% of the purchase price to the escrow account of Santa Fe Title Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico;
  2. Earnest money deposits will be placed in escrow with Santa Fe Title Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico, which will then place the funds with local banks at nominal rates of interest accruing to the benefit of the buyer until closing;
  3. All prospective buyers must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Seller unquestioned financial capability to purchase the Ranch prior to scheduling an inspection of the property;
  4. The Seller will provide and pay for a standard owner’s title insurance policy.  Any endorsements requested by the buyer or any lender will be at buyer’s expense.  Title to the real property will be conveyed by a general warranty deed;
  5. All of the Seller’s interest in any water rights and mineral rights associated with the Ranch will be transferred to the buyer at closing pursuant to a quitclaim deed;
  6. Buyers’ brokers and/or transactional brokers are welcome and invited to contact Michael S. Swan with Swan Land Company, or Don DeVito or Matt Desmond with Keller Williams Santa Fe, for information regarding cooperation policies;
  7. Any additional documentation provided to a prospective buyer and/or their broker related to and expanding upon the information contained in this offering brochure may be subject to terms of a confidentiality agreement to be signed by the prospective buyer and their broker prior to the delivery of such documentation as well as verification of a prospective buyer’s financial ability to consummate a purchase of the Ranch.

The Seller reserves the right to effect a tax-deferred exchange for other real property in accordance with provisions in Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Buyer will not be required to incur any additional expenses nor to step into the chain of title on any property which the Seller may acquire.

The foregoing may not be construed as an offer to sell and is subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice and approval of purchase by the Seller.  Information regarding land classifications, acreages, potential profits, etc., are intended only as general guidelines and have been obtained from sources deemed reliable; however, accuracy is not warranted or guaranteed by the Seller, Swan Land Company or Keller Williams Santa Fe.  Prospective Buyers should verify all information to their sole and complete satisfaction.

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