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Water Sage goes into depth on “What Makes a Great Water Right?”

March 18, 2015
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Water Sage goes into depth on “What Makes a Great Water Right?”

Nancy Zalutsky, a Research Analyst with B3 Insight, describes “A great water right is one that has the most potential to provide water, as opposed to a water right that looks good on paper, but does not provide very much water”.  Zalutsky, who has worked with Montana water rights for the past 20 years, has developed her own system for rating water rights and helped develop the Water Sage Rating System.  She compares priority dates of the rights on a single source as well as how that water right stacks up against the others. The Water Sage Rating System looks at the priority of the water right as well as all of the other factors for you. As the Water Sage Rating was developed, Zalutsky looked beyond seniority, to the importance of many of the non-priority aspects of water rights such as the number of diversions and their proximity to the place of use.  “A lot of different factors make a great, or not-so-great water right.  While it can be difficult to evaluate a single right, it is nearly impossible to make a quick assessment of all the water rights associated with a property”.