Whether you are selling a farm, ranch, recreational property for hunting or fishing, or a luxury home or estate, who you choose to list your property with is a critically important decision. Every real estate broker has their individual attributes, and working with someone who is a good fit for you and your property is essential in a successful real estate transaction.  The questions listed below, which were compiled by Chris Nolt - the owner of Solid Rock Wealth Management, Inc., may serve as a useful tool when you are searching for the right real estate broker to sell your farm or ranch.

Of all the ranch brokers out there, why should I hire you?

How long have you been a licensed real estate agent?

What percent of your sales are comprised of farm and ranch transactions?

How long have you and your firm been specialized in farm and ranch sales?

What have you and your company’s farm/ranch/recreational sales been over the last few years?

Explain how you value agricultural property?

Do you have experience in operating a farm or ranch?

Explain how you value recreational property?

What is your experience with recreational activities and properties?

What is your knowledge of water rights, mineral rights and land surveys?

Do you have experience in selling farm or ranch property in a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How do you plan to market my property?

What publications do you plan to advertise my property in and how often?

What is your strategy for marketing my property on the internet?

How do you rank in search engines when searching for farm/ranch property for sale?

Will you be present for all property showings or do you work with others who will show my property?

What has been the average percentage difference between what you have listed a property for and what it has sold for?

What has been the average length of time your listings have taken to sell?

How often will you communicate with me?

Do you limit the number of properties you list at any given time?

How many properties do you currently have listed and what is the total value of those listings?

Do you work by yourself or do you work with other agents within your company?

Do you aggressively market my property to other real estate companies?

Would you work with other real estate companies to sell my property or do you only work with “in-house” buyers so you don’t have to split your commission?

Do you represent me exclusively or are you a dual agent representing prospective buyers too?

How would determine the price to sell my property should I choose to list with you?

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to increase the value of my property?

What are your biggest challenges in selling properties like mine?

If I was to hire you, what can I do to assist you in selling my property?

What do you see happening to the prices of properties like mine over the next few years and what are your reasons for that?

What commission do you charge and is this negotiable?

If a buyer approaches you directly, would you reduce your commission?

Do you offer a reduced commission on personal property that I include with the sale of my land?

How long is your typical listing agreement for?

Are there any obligations to you once that listing expires?

Can you provide me with names and contact information of some of your clients?

Chris Nolt is the owner of Solid Rock Wealth Management, Inc. and Solid Rock Realty Advisors, LLC, with offices in Bozeman, Montana and Fountain Hills, Arizona.