Rocky Mountain Setting Harbors Large Numbers of Elk

Wilsall, Montana | Park & Meagher Counties

  • $15,250,000
  • Approximately 6,347± Deed Acres
  • Blocked-up and Contiguous Montana Ranch


Spear Lazy U Ranch is set in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains with their snow-capped peaks to the east, the Bridger Mountain Range is to the west, and the Absaroka-Beartooth Range to the south. The mountain vistas of the Ranch do not disappoint.  Within the confines of the deeded acreage is the 7,770± foot Goat Mountain, over four miles of the trout rich Shields River, and thousands of acres of timber, meadows and riparian threads.  Spear Lazy U Ranch is a productive cattle operation that teems with wildlife and trout.

Comprised of approximately 6,347 deeded acres, about 465 acres are flood irrigated, 2,250± acres are a combination of scattered and dark timber, and the balance in mountain meadow pasture and riparian acres along the four miles of Shields River that traverse the Ranch.  Spear Lazy U Ranch is an attractively blocked-up and contiguous ranch providing privacy in its rugged Rocky Mountain setting.

Under the careful stewardship of the McLeod Family since 1974, the Ranch has been carefully managed to balance wildlife habitat and a commercial cattle operation.  The Ranch harbors large numbers of elk, including Boone and Crockett rated 350 to 360 class bulls, as the herds traverse between the adjoining USFS and the lush irrigated meadows on the Ranch along the Shields River.  Great care has been taken to protect its natural integrity while at the same time incorporating appropriate improvements where necessary.

Approximately 3,125± acres of the Ranch have been placed under conservation easements with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.  These easements provide for additional buildings and improvements, allowing the next owner to put their personal touch on the Ranch.  About 3,220 acres are unencumbered, providing an opportunity to conserve additional acres while enjoying the benefits of a conservation easement.

Many geologists claim that nowhere in South Central Montana is the transition from prairie to mountains as dramatic as the approximately twenty-mile stretch from the Yellowstone River to the 11,200-foot Crazy Peak located in the Crazy Mountains.

These “Crazy Woman Mountains,” as the Native Americans sometimes called them, are crowned by 11,214-foot Crazy Peak. With 25 pinnacles soaring to more than 10,000 feet, they are the third highest range in the state. Ice, wind and water erosion sculptured them and created the more than 40 jewel-like lakes scattered amongst the sharp saw-toothed ridges and alpine basins. Today, only one ice-age remnant remains, Grasshopper Glacier, which clings to a north facing headwall between Cottonwood and Rock lakes on the west perimeter.

This is Montana – The Crazies: A Dramatic Island of Mountains in Central Montana

After forty-four years of ownership and through the joys of raising children and grandchildren on the Ranch, the McLeod Family has made the decision to close this chapter of their life and offer the Ranch for sale in order to conclude some of their estate planning goals.

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