Premier grass ranch in the Cornhusker State

Lisco, Nebraska | Garden and Morrill Counties

  • $6,574,750
  • 15,470± Deeded Acres
  • Productive Reputation Cattle Ranch


McGinley Ranch is situated in the Panhandle of Western Nebraska.  It is comprised of approximately 15,470± deeded acres on the western side of the renowned Sandhills - a rare opportunity to own one of the premier grass ranches in the Cornhusker State.

Even to the untrained eye, it is apparent that the current owners have managed the grazing resource of the Ranch conservatively.  The remarkable condition of this resource is the product of 65 years of masterful stewardship.

The “Sandhills”, one of the most unique geographic features in North America, contain hundreds of feet of course sand and gravel.  Below the surface is one of the largest water reserves in North America – “The Ogallala Aquifer”.  This giant sand formation serves as a huge sponge that absorbs rain and snowfall; about half of the annual precipitation percolates downward into this giant underground pool.  In the lower elevations, the water from the aquifer is exposed and forms thousands of wetlands, ponds and lakes.  Richardson Lake, one of these exposed water formations, is located on McGinley Ranch.

The vegetation in this region tap into the constant water source and produce dense stands of grasses creating some of the Nation’s most productive and consistent grazing lands for cattle.  Historically, this region produces reliable hard grass.  The high water table provides a generally reliable water source for the grass in the Sandhills creating a practically drought-proof landscape.  The grasslands range from the densely vegetated meadows to the sparsely covered “choppies” and support a wide variety of wildlife.