Largest Cattle-Feed Production Operation in Eastern Idaho

Lewisville, Idaho | Jefferson County

  • $10,000,000
  • Approximately 1,090.96 Deeded Acres
  • Feedlot Permitted for 25,000 Head of Cattle

Louis Skaar & Sons Inc. was founded by Louis Skaar in 1945 in its present location in Lewisville, Idaho near Rigby and Idaho Falls.  The largest operation of its kind in eastern Idaho, Skaar engages in cattle-feed production, cattle feeding, cattle and manure sales, and transportation of cattle and feed commodities.  Presently Skaar Livestock & Farming is privately held by Louis’s sons, DuWayne and Justin Skaar who are actively engaged in operations on a daily basis and recognized as leaders in the industry.

Today, the Skaar brothers operate the 125 acres of pens, concrete feed bunkers and associated improvements, feeding about 18,000 head of cattle.  In addition to the feedlot which is permitted for 25,000 head of cattle, Skaar also has a 1,500-head Calf Lot located six miles east of the Headquarters as well as 998 acres of productive laser-leveledflood-irrigated farmland. Modern mechanized and irrigated farming techniques utilized by Skaar provide a constant source of cattle feed, producing approximately 50% of the necessary feed.  Raised crops include alfalfa, hay, barley and corn.  The balance of the required feed is obtained from the nearby Eastern Idaho region.  A fleet of over-the-road semis gives the operation the ability to transport food or livestock on an as-needed basis.

Twenty-five workers are employed full time.  A half dozen or more seasonal workers are also employed during the busiest summer growing season.  Farming is mechanized with heavy machinery for production efficiency.  Most of the workers live within twenty miles of the Headquarters.  Retirement and health plans are also provided.

Skaar relies on an animal nutritionist to ensure the nutritional value of the feed being provided to the cattle.  There is also a veterinarian that makes regular visits to ensure the welfare of the cattle and to provide Skaar with guidelines for cattle care.

Skaar no longer grows potatoes, but potato slurry from a nearby processing plant is one of the substantial ingredients in the finishing ration for their fed cattle.  Four different rations are fed, depending on the age and weight of the cattle; energy levels are increased in large part through a higher percentage of corn grain as the cattle get closer to slaughter weight.

The Headquarters Building, situated on a fully-permitted site in a suitable location, consists of a 2,400 square foot office, and a 6,600 square foot shop for maintenance of trucks, farm equipment, and storing high-tech equipment utilized for efficient and scientific feeding of cattle.  

Angus, Hereford and Charolais feeder calves, averaging about 600 pounds, are purchased from a six-state area in the cattle producing Rocky Mountains.  After gain, approximately 38,000 cattle, averaging 1,300 pounds, are shipped annually in Skaar trucks to JBS Meat Packers, the exclusive buyer, in Hyrum, Utah located 180 miles south of the Headquarters.  JBS Swift, owned by a Brazilian family, is recognized as one of the largest multi-national food companies in the world with international export capabilities.  After processing, the total beef yield is approximately 15 million tons annually from JBS Meat Packers.

DuWayne and Justin Skaar are ready to retire, but would be willing to consult for a year or two if the new owner wishes.