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Upcoming Event – Santa Fe Indian Market: Indigenous Excellence

August 11, 2015
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Join people from around the world for the most prestigious Native American fine arts market as it returns to Santa Fe, New Mexico August 22, 2015, 7am – 5pm, & August 23, 2015 8am – 5pm! The Santa Fe Indian Market is in its 94th year and is the largest cultural event in the southwest that celebrates tribal traditions old and new while featuring fine art, dance, food, music, designers, film, wood carvings, leather goods and much more.

The Santa Fe Indian Market began in 1922 as the Indian Fair and was sponsored by the Museum of New Mexico. In 1936 the New Mexico Association of Indian Affairs adopted the event and is now put on by the nonprofit group Southwestern Association for Indian Arts. It boasts the top Native/ Indigenous artists from federally recognized tribes in the United States as well as Canada’s First Nations’ tribes. The logo for the festival, with permission from the artist Dan Namingha, represents the Hopi Indians four cardinal directions: yellow for North, red for South, blue for West and white for the East and signifies one’s journey to Santa Fe for the Indian Market.

Today the Santa Fe Indian Market creates opportunities for Native American artists by offering a venue to showcase their finest Native American art forms and traditions. The Best of Show contest held just prior to the Market awards more than $100,000 in prize money to the best artwork submitted. The juried art show contains museum-quality art and is a hot spot for casual browsers, serious collectors and gallery owners. It is not uncommon for buyers to arrive early as the festival opens to find artists have sold out in the first few hours.  This unique occasion to indulge in authentic Native American cuisine while enjoying live music bellowing through the Market will have you feeling completely immersed in the true spirit of the Native American culture and is an experience that must not be missed.

Jane Fonda’s Forked Lightning Ranch is a convenient 25 minute drive from Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Indian Market.