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April 7, 2022
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The hunting and fishing opportunities on Livingston Peak Ranch are numerous and offer seasonal variations to capture your outdoor recreation attention continuously.  A portion of the western border of Livingston Peak Ranch is the Yellowstone River, which originates upstream in Yellowstone National Park and is the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States.  The Yellowstone is a well-documented and prized trout fishery enjoyed by anglers throughout the world.  During times when the Yellowstone is not fishable due to seasonal spring runoff, the Ranch provides easy access to the famous private spring creeks in Paradise Valley and there is also a spring-fed Ranch pond that is full of willing trout.  The pond is a great place to practice casting, teach kids to fish, or have a relaxing picnic.

The Yellowstone Region is renowned worldwide for its fly fishing, whether on high-mountain lakes and ponds, spring creeks, or floating down the Yellowstone River.  In one of the most scenic areas of Montana, fishing for avid anglers is exceptional. With a backdrop of snow-capped peaks in every direction, the Yellowstone River provides consistently changing eddies, riffles, and deep pockets to explore.  Anglers cast nymphs, dries, or streamers in hopes of landing a native Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbow, brown trout, or the prolific native mountain whitefish.  It is one of the seminal experiences in fly fishing to catch the famous ‘Mother’s Day Caddis’ or salmon fly hatches on the Yellowstone when they happen to coincide with fishable water conditions in early May and late June.

In addition to the untamed waters of the Yellowstone River, there is a lifetime of exceptional area waters to explore.  The Shields, Boulder, Stillwater, Gallatin, and the world-famous Paradise Valley spring creeks are all just a short drive away.  Armstrong’s, DePuy’s, and Nelson’s spring creeks offer consistent water temperatures and constant flows to create an ultimate breeding ground for the aquatic insects on which trout thrive.  These spring creeks are full of educated trout that have challenged the most experienced anglers to go deep in their fly boxes for generations.  Yellowstone National Park is open seasonally to fishing and has a lifetime of fishing experiences within its borders on lakes and famous rivers like the Madison, Firehole, Gibbon, and Lamar.  You would be hard-pressed to find a base location that provides more exceptional fishing opportunities within an easy day trip.

The willow and cottonwood-filled river bottom provides great habitat to set up a tree stand and hunt for trophy white-tail deer along the river.  The foothills and timber habitat on the upper Ranch are perfect for trophy mule deer.  Fall brings the soul-inspiring bugles of bull elk into the aspen and fir-filled bowls and drainages of the upper portion of the Ranch.  The Ranch has received limited hunting pressure in the past several decades, creating an ideal environment for trophy bull elk and big bucks to prosper.  There are also several herds of antelope that frequent the Ranch and offer exceptional opportunities for both archery and rifle-hunting seasons.  The hunting continues with wing-shooting for upland birds like Hungarian partridge, several species of grouse, turkeys, and waterfowl.  The Ranch offers excellent habitat for mule deer, white-tail deer, moose, bears, mountain lions, and coyotes creating extended hunting options for the avid sportsman.

The Ranch is located in Hunting District 317, which is a general tag for deer and elk and provides guaranteed tags for Montana residents and much higher odds for non-resident landowners. Additional information and hunting regulations can be found on the Montana Fish & Game website