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Expert in the field – Mike Swan Presents at 8th Annual Buying & Selling Seminar

September 11, 2023
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Mike Swan is honored to be a member of the faculty, once again, at the 8th Annual Ranches, Farms & Agribusiness.  In presenting Preparing for the Sales Process, he will discuss pre-listing meetings, managing client expectations, understanding the property, listing agreements, developing the “Team”, and marketing strategies, to name a few.

8TH ANNUAL Ranches, Farms and Agribusiness
in Montana & Beyond
SEPTEMBER 13 & 14, 2023

The popularity of owning agricultural assets in Montana is growing, but there are specific issues that arise when purchasing such properties. Understanding these issues can help buyers, sellers, lenders, attorneys, and consultants navigate the purchase process. Faculty members have been chosen to provide insight into common issues like public access, environmental concerns, water rights, due diligence problems, financing, and succession planning. It is recommended that anyone involved in buying or selling agricultural properties in Montana attend to stay informed on the latest information.


The Seminar Group is an organization that provides professional development seminars and conferences on various topics for professionals across industries. They offer high-quality education and training to help individuals stay informed, expand their skill set, and network with peers. Their events cover a wide range of subjects and bring together industry experts and experienced professionals to share their knowledge.


To learn more or to sign up to attend the seminar, contact The Seminar Group directly or visit their website Ranches, Farms and Agribusiness (