Birch Creek Hunting Reserve - PRICE REDUCED

Birch Creek Hunting Reserve - PRICE REDUCED

Premier Utah Hunting Land for Sale

Woodruff, Utah | Rich County

  • Price Reduced $880,000 - Now Offered at $5,650,000
  • Approximately 8,595 Deeded Acres
  • Plus 640 Acres of Private-Leased Land

Birch Creek Hunting Reserve consists of approximately 8,595 deeded acres, plus an additional 640 acres of private-leased land, located eight miles west of Woodruff, Utah and within a 30-minute drive of Evanston, Wyoming’s jet-capable Burns Field.  

Historically operated for many years as summer sheep pasture by an old-line Utah ranching family, in 2008 the Reserve was acquired to take advantage of the outstanding elk and mule deer habitat.  This premier hunting ground is included in Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) program.  The outfitter operating this hunting unit pays the Seller a flat fee of $60,000 annually to lease the land.  The internationally renowned Deseret Livestock Ranch, a 217,000-acre holding which has been carefully developed and managed as one of the premier elk and mule deer hunting destinations in North America, is located nine miles north of the Reserve. Birch Creek Hunting Reserve has benefitted from its proximity to “The Deseret” due to the north-south migratory patterns of the big game.  In operation for more than three decades, the genetics of the elk and mule deer herds have been carefully calibrated to enviable levels.  Birch Creek Hunting Reserve has enjoyed the influence of its massive neighbor and will continue to do so for decades.

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