Premium Hunting, Fishing and Grazing

Price, Utah

  • Reduced to $10,750,000
  • 10,200 Deeded Acres Plus 5,500 BLM & State Land
  • Plentiful Water Sources for Livestock and Wildlife

Located about 100 miles southeast of Salt Lake City near Price, Utah, this 10,200 blocked-up and contiguous deeded-acre Ranch, ideal for a conservation-minded buyer, includes an additional 5,500 acres of BLM and State Land within the Ranch boundary.  Held under the careful stewardship of only two owners since its homesteading in 1929, the Ranch has primarily been utilized as a summer grazing, hunting and recreational property since it was assembled.  With Indian Head Mountain as a backdrop, the 2,900 feet of elevation gain offers dramatic views and ideal habitat for big game and upland birds. Operated as a Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit, the Ranch is professionally managed for elk and mule deer. This individual Hunting Unit provides for approximately seven bull elk tags and nine mule deer tags annually. 

During the summer months, the Ranch pastures 400 to 500 cow-calf pairs on the productive pastures which also attract big game.  Enhancements are continuously implemented in order improve pasture rotation, increase water for livestock and wildlife, and to enhance sage-grouse leks.  The Seller has initiated a habitat enhancement program with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to improve sage grouse habitat on the lower elevations of the Ranch.  The beautiful 12-acre spring-fed stocked Kyune Reservoir provides agricultural benefits as well as great fishing.   In addition to the reservoir, the Ranch has numerous strategically-placed stock ponds which provide water sources for livestock and wildlife.  The Ranch is in excellent condition, and was rested for the 2014 season while livestock ponds were cleaned, weeds sprayed and interior roads were graded.

The availability of this remarkable Ranch represents an opportunity for acquisition of a legacy property for a family or group to enjoy and continue the stewardship of previous generations.  This Utah Ranch is being sold to settle a family estate.